Streamline Your Utility Costs

When You Pay Just 1 Local Utility Bill

Are you paying too much for utilities? At rddenergy in New York, NY, we'll show you how to cut costs with utility bill analysis. Then, with our fixed-rate utilities, we will simplify the way you pay. This provides cost reduction for your business, no matter your size.

Utility Bill Analysis

Stop struggling with your incomprehensible utility bill! Our free utility bill analysis will show you how much you can save when you work with us. We review all your billing statements. Everyone from large franchise chains to individual consumers can save money and we'll show you how!

Fixed-Rate Utilities

Pay only one bill with our fixed-rate utilities. You won't be riding the roller coaster of market fluctuations because you will pay for a 12-month term at only one rate. Working with local utility companies, you pay your normal bill and the utility company pays the supplier. This means a reduction on the delivery portion of your bill,less tax's, no storage fees, less paper, and more money in your pocket.

Working for Everyone

Our simple, fixed-rate utilities can help any business or controller save money on the utility bill. In addition to Electric and Gas, we even support Green Energy Systems. With one simple utility bill, you won't ever be alone when it comes to contracts,or missed billing again. There is no red tape! We'll fix all your problems or refer you to the correct source.


Contact us at (718) 732 3889 or (917) 442 32 43 in New York, NY, for a free utility bill analysis.